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LifeCam VX-3000 Drivers Windows 10

Hi this camera will not install on Windows 10 due to the operating system advising its is out of date. The workaround is to download the VX-6000 drivers and install them manually. you can find the drivers here.    

Scheduling a Microsoft Teams Meeting

How to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting from Teams You can schedule Microsoft Teams meetings using your Outlook calendar. Your calendar in Teams is automatically synced to your Outlook calendar. Every meeting scheduled in Teams automatically becomes an online meeting. To schedule a meeting in a chat window, select the icon that looks like a

Create a ZOOM Meeting

zoom meeting

How to Create a Zoom Meeting Creating a Zoom meeting account is free for a comprehensive solution to video, audio and screen sharing solutions. Irrespective of your location, you will enjoy mobile and web availability for meetings invitations and schedules. Creating a zoom meeting is definitely low cost yet utmost impressive video and web conference

Creating a group WhatsApp Call / Conference

Everyone has an Apple phone, right? Everyone has an Andriod phone yes? In this day and age, these are the two most popular devices to communicate. Whilst these are clearly great operating systems they have been designed not to talk as easily to each other. That’s why everyone uses “WhatsApp” you can freely create WhatsApp